Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring is here!

Spring is finally here. We're slowly getting ready to open. The trails are icy/snowy yet! Last December we had ice and heavy snow so many trees/branches are down or hanging in the way, so there's a ton of trail work this year. The horses came through winter really well except of course our dear Casey. Old age and arthritis got the best of him so we humanely euthanized him. He's already missed. The horses are shedding gobs of hair but it won't be long and they'll be back to their sleek summer coats. We'll be getting a few horses back that we've had before, Gunner and Leena, two really sweet horses. More news and updates coming soon!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Greetings, well it's the end of the day at the stable.  The horses for the most part are looking good.  Pudge injured himself about 3 weeks ago and is healing well.  Bo's minor surgery is also doing better.  Everyone else doing good and getting in summer riding shape.  We're getting busy but probably closing early this week  because the forcast calls for low/mid 90's.  A little hot, for us and the horses!   The trails look great but just starting to get a little dusty, could use some rain, but if it would just rain at night. 
We also have new horses this year to report.  Whiskey, who is owned by Heather Mrotek, has turned out to be a great trail horse.  He's real sweet and steady as a rock.  Leena & Gun have come to us for the summer from Doug Mrotek.  They're awesome too.  Haven't had guests on them yet but it won't be long.  Ricki's graduated from guide horse to guest horse with flying colors!  But our little Uno will probably always be a guide horse, that's ok cause we love riding him anyway.  All the same horses from last year are still with us, (Sporty, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Shae, Rain, Casey, Pudge, Beauty, Ace, Yogi, Bo, Hawkins, Ricki, & Uno)  We lost a few good ones this past year (Big Dude, & Crystal) who we miss dearly.  Not only great trai horses, but awesome companions and friends. 

Tomorrow we ride!!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Dude & Crystal

Crystal and Big Dude
Two of the best trail horses there are.  We lost our dear friends due to old age and were with great sorrow and compassion, were humanely euthanized  There gone but not forgotten, our horses are family! Many kids started riding Big Dude as a "pony" ride horse, then as they grew up, rode him on trail rides!  Crystal was a nice horse who loved attention and peppermint candy.  We're happy to have had them in our lives and will never forget them.  If anyone has a story about these guys, please share it with us!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What's New at Spider Lake Ranch Riding Stable

We have been updating the website with new graphics, design and features. We are adding facebook and this News blog to let you know what is happening with Spider Lake Ranch Riding Stable. So follow us and visit often for information, news & specials.

We hope that you will visit us this year at the ranch and experience our wonderful horseback trail rides.